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Weekly Global Macro Trends Report

Our weekly report, "Supposedly Irrelevant Factors", is one of the most widely read global market reports in the industry.  Each Sunday night we send out the most informative market behavior analysis there is to help you better time entry and exit in the most important and actively  traded global markets.  At a minimum, each week's report focuses on key markets within all four major asset classes, and gives both thematic and tactical investment and trade ideas to help maximize portfolio returns while also greatly reducing portfolio risk.

As of November 30, 2019 our YTD formal recommendations returned 68.19%.  In 2018, our 32 formal recommendations created an internal rate of return on invested capital  of +24.3%.  In 2017, our 39 formal recommendations generated an even better return of +75.1%.

Direct Client Contact and Custom Portfolio Analysis

In addition to receiving our weekly SIFs report and all ad-hoc Flash Notes, premium clients get frequent phone calls from Rick to update his  analysis on their names of interest, as well as a quarterly bespoke review of the client's 20 most important portfolio holdings.

Based upon client feedback, we are frequently told that no other consulting service or sell-side firm on the Street calls the market turns as consistenly  and accurately as Bensignor Investment Strategies does!