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Rick Bensignor is one of the most continuously respected and trusted strategists on Wall Street for several decades.  He not only was the highly-touted Morgan Stanley Chief Market Strategist who called the equity market low to the day in October 2002, but he did so again to the Street while a hedge fund consultant in March 2009 (and was infamously called out for doing so by CNBC's Jim Cramer).  He has been at the top of the field for over 25 years, and is known for having an uncanny knack for being able to identify market turns near the actual exhaustion point and well before it is obvious to others on the Street.

Rick started his career in the commodity pits in the 1980s, where he traded as a floor broker and local for 12 years on three different NY-based exchange floors .  From there he became the senior institutional financial futures salesperson at Morgan Stanley, and then Bloomberg's Head of Futures, Commodities, and Technical Analysis (as well as the head designer of their charting system).  

Rick returned to Morgan Stanley in 2000 in the Equity Research department, and two years later was named the firm's Chief Market Strategist.  He also was asked by NYU to spearhead their brand new certificate program in Behavioral Economics and Finance Theory, which he did as well as wrote and taught the core course in it.  Before starting The Bensignor Group (Rick's consulting firm also conducts financial product corporate training classes for major Wall Street firms and performance and business coaching to Financial Advisors, and writes the individual investor newsletter," In The Know Trader"), he was the Head of Cross-Asset Trading Strategy at Wells Fargo Securities.

Rick is a frequent guest on business television, and is often quoted in the WSJ, Bloomberg, Barron's, CBS Marketwatch, and other major publications.  He speaks at several industry conferences per year -- especially on the integration of Behavioral Finance Theory and how it relates to trading the markets -- often to standing-room only crowds.

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